Interested in hosting a conference?

Here's what it would look like.


step 1: Contact us

Introduce yourself to us! We're always excited to meet people who care about the Korean American population.

Along with information about yourself, providing as much information about the population and possibilities for the conference would be helpful - things like: (1) your location, (2) the hosting community (e.g., the name of the church), (3) the target population (e.g., immigrant parents vs. second generation parents vs. both), (4) potential topics to be covered, (5) the time span of the conference (e.g., a one afternoon workshop vs. a three day conference), and (6) possible dates.

Even if you're not 100% sure, let us know as much as you can, and we will work closely with you to provide the most relevant conference to your audience!

step 2: Back & Forth

Our team will take the information you provide and discuss what resources and workshops we can provide to best serve your population. We'll send the pitch of what the conference would look like, its budget, and the roles that you would play as a host. Once a clear agreement has been reached, we'll start preparing the workshop and activities for the conference in correspondence with you regarding the details. 



step 3: conference day

Depending on the scale and location of the conference, we may arrive the day of the conference or a day or two before the conference. We also appreciate the time to meet with community leaders in person and to pray together before the conference. 

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step 4: FOLLOW-UP

We believe in sustainable change and will be in touch with you to see what the community response has been and how we can further support sustainable change.


more on being a host

The role you play as host would differ depending on the scale of the conference, but generally, the expectations would be to provide the venue, locally publicize the event, and provide meals, materials, and equipment needed for the conference.

We recognize that cost is an important factor of hosting a conference. The budget we provide provide to you the host would generally include the travel and lodging cost of our MSG members and any materials needed for the conference.

*Please note that the requirements and costs may vary according to each conference/workshop.